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Video Consultations

Show Brian your dog behavior problems

If you can't get to visit Brian at his California ranch then a video consultation enables you to show him your dog's issues that you need help with, and get his advice on how to resolve them.

Here's how it works

The price of a video consultation is $250 for advice on up to 3 videos. Before reviewing your video Brian will read through the information you provide in your questionnaire. He will then discuss the problems with you on a call, and give advice on what actions you can take. It's easy to set up a video consultation; just follow the steps below.





PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Following the evaluation of your video Brian will contact you with his advice and email you a summary of the advice discussed with you.

Use Brian's guidance on creating a video, upload a copy to YouTube and send Brian the link.

First you need to complete a short questionnaire so that Brian has some details about you, your dog and the issues you need help with.​

Next use the PayPal button to make your payment of $250.

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