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Mentor Program

The Mentor Program

Customized for you, guidance for life

A Private Mentor Level 1 Program with Brian Agnew offers the most flexibility and is customized to the goals of the student. This Program is available throughout the year and can be coordinated between your and Brian's calendar. If you are interested in a Private Mentorship, contact Brian HERE to arrange a phone consultation to customize a program for you.


Brian Agnew is a unique teacher in the dog training industry. His knowledge is not only broad, it is also very deep. He has rehabilitated cases that were considered impossible by the best dog trainers in the country.

His work with dogs is profound. He sees the nuances that most do not, and learning from him will change your work with dogs in the best ways possible.


He sees what others miss, and is often told that this is the Missing Link in their work with dogs.


A fundamental intention Brian has for the Private Mentor Program is to become acquainted with your individual knowledge and experience. The first day begins with Brian having a conversation with you about what you already know, and finding the gaps that will bring you clarity. This allows him to gain an understanding of your goals and objectives for your work together.  Brian will evaluate the dog you bring, and will also introduce and discuss the Board and Train dogs under his care. You will be invited and encouraged to participate in the full Intake/Evaluation process, and in follow up sessions with Brian's clients.


Each private student will receive ample, hands-on time to work with dogs. There will also be sufficient time for your questions to be addressed. You are welcome to bring your personal dog, or a client's dog entrusted to your care. The dogs Brian will have in for Board and Train will be available for you to work with, and to learn from as well. We will begin each day of the program at 9:00am, and conclude at approximately 5:00pm. 


 The remainder of Level 1days  will be dedicated to achieving Goals for Success: 


  • Develop an Action Plan for each dog

  • Know When and How to Change Direction

  • Acknowledgement of the roles Structure and Nutrition may play in a dog's behavior

  • Dog Socialization

  • Learn to "Read" each dog with an Open Mind

  • An ability to Observe and to Communicate with clients and their dogs

  • Creative Ways and Solutions to Move The Dog and The Human Forward


There will be a 1.5 hour break each day, and lunch will be provided.


"I first met Brian at a workshop where he was co-teaching with another trainer. Brian was very patient as I practiced concepts that were brand new to me. I learned a lot about the “drives of dogs” but I still felt like I came home with a basic understanding of the concepts. I had the opportunity to take part in his mentorship program, which was a smaller, more intimate setting. We were able to ask a lot of questions and get plenty of hands on time with real client dogs. We even got to watch him work with his human clients, including an initial consultation. I left his mentorship with a more complete understanding of dog “drives", the significance of "long line work”, and the overall business of dog training. The best part is he’s the nicest guy ever and provides support when you go home. He’s also very generous with his time and knowledge and for that I’m forever grateful. I highly recommend Brian’s mentorship program to any trainer or dog owner that wants to dive deeper into relationship building and dog behavior."


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