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The Mentor Program
- Teach, Guide and Support

At long last, Brian is able to offer a Mentor Program.   After years doing in-home consultations, it was obvious to him that offering his clients total access to him by phone or visits when they needed help, proved to be a winning combination. Accommodating other trainers when they reach out for help with a difficult dog, is also part of the program.


People learn in different ways, and when doing consultations Brian developed skills in teaching people in ways they could understand. Part of being a mentor is to pass this skill along to students. The same holds true for the dogs – each is an individual and has to be taught in a way that the lessons are retained.

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Brian’s calendar, by necessity, changes frequently.  Students learn how to make and adjust schedules, deal with the in home board and train dogs and still be available to previous clients.

The Mentor Program provides:


  • What skills are required to work with dogs and people successfully

  • Understanding how structure and nutrition affect a dog's behavior

  • Sharing knowledge on alternative medicine practices – homeopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture

  • Learning to ‘read’ dogs before starting to work with them

  • Socializing dogs off leash

  • The importance of early foundation training

  • Recognizing aggression, resource guarding, cat killing, high anxiety and panic behaviors

  • Experience Brian’s intake of a new dog, dog evaluation and introduction to board and train

  • Learning how to observe and work with clients and their dogs

  • Sharing skills, experience and philosophy and the latest techniques

The Mentor Program is customized for each participant to meet the differing levels of experience of students and period of mentoring. Each day will start with exercising Brian's dogs followed by working Board and Train dogs, appointments with clients or meetings with rescue colleagues, depending on what he has booked. You will break in the middle of the day so you can relax and process what you have learned, before picking up again for the afternoon. There are a number of local places to stay and eat that Brian can recommend based on the experience of previous mentor students. To customize a program for you, call Brian for availability and pricing.


This is a hands-on, one-on-one training format that will be an experience of a lifetime!

Group Mentoring Opportunities

In addition to individual mentoring, Brian offers group mentoring opportunities. Group Mentoring is ideal for groups of trainers, rescue workers, family groups, or friends, who want the opportunity to share the experience of learning together and to share the cost. Group mentoring can be customised to your needs. 

Group Mentoring - On Location

Group Mentoring can also be arranged at your location, with your friends or a group of local trainers.


Contact Brian for more information.


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