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Helping Tugboat


"We began talking to Brian over the last few weeks in preparation for his training our hound Tug.  We've met with him once and are very pleased with him.  He's imparted a wealth of knowledge to us via phone, emails, his website and Facebook.  We look forward to the upcoming training and will add to our review as things progress.

Update: So it's been a year.  What a year.  Tugboat is doing so much better and we are so much better at managing him.  True to his word Brian has been here for us.  Tugboat is still a lot of work and I'm sure there will always be things about him to be cautious of.  But he has become a loved member of our family and we are grateful for all of Brian's never ending help." 

- Richard

Brian Agnew
German Shepherd
French Bulldog
Pit Bulls
Pit Bulls

Training a Rescued American Bulldog


"After adopting Mugsy, an American Bulldog, from a local rescue, I met up with Brian for some much needed training. I have been working with Brian for the past few months. The results have been amazing. The experience has been terrific; not only is Brian gifted in his work with the dogs, but he is a great teacher. I have discovered that at least half the work is in educating the dog owner. I am now learning to use remote collar training, on both my dogs; Mugsy and Sam (a pug). The results are amazing! It is wonderful to have well trained dogs.
If your dog needs training, Brian is definitely the person to call." 

- Robin

David and his rescued pitbull

"Our dog, a rescued Pit Bull probably mixed with Lab, was having social and behavioral issues while interacting with other dogs and responding to commands. At about one year old it finally got to the point where we felt the situation was out of our control...she was definitely not a balanced dog, some might say crazy. We had heard of Brian's work and set up a meeting with him to discuss the issues she was having and what he could do to help us out. Brian took her in for just over a week to work on balancing her high energy, correcting her possessiveness with toys & food around other dogs, the proper way to play with other dogs, and off leash responsiveness. At the end of her session Brian showed us how to keep her balanced and how to reinforce the rules and ways he had taught her.
The results have been amazing. She still has her fun loving personality, but her energy is far more controlled, she comes on first call, is far less insecure while playing with other dogs, and is truly balanced emotionally. Friends have literally asked if she was the same dog!
After seeing what Brian did for our dog, we highly recommend him to anyone needing help with training no matter how small or large the issue may be. " 

- David

An uncontrollable Poodle

"Luna, our standard poodle, who was almost uncontrollable on a leash has done nothing but improve since Brian worked with her. We continue to use the collar as a kind of reinforcement. She minds and is a pleasure to have around the house. Brian was kind, firm and an excellent communicator to both me and the dog. I am very grateful for his work with Luna who is now a cherished family member, rather than a wild child!" 

- Diana Roark

A Boxer Board and Train

"My wife and I brought our 5 month old Boxer Kona to Brian while we were going on our honeymoon. We were so apprehensive because all we ever heard was how Boxer's can't be trained. Brian was wonderful! We received pictures and updates via email on Kona's progress throughout the 2 weeks she was with him. When we returned Brian took time to teach us what he worked on with Kona and explained to us all we needed to know. Kona was and is still amazing! She is such a well-trained dog and continues to grow and learn. Through all this Brian has constantly been in contact with us getting updates and assisting us with whatever questions we have. Brian has came to our house to help us out with the "normal" puppy issues and it has been wonderful. Occasionally on our walks we will walk by Brian's home and Kona remembers and is very excited. Her experience with Brian was wonderful and in turn we have a wonderful Boxer with a trainer that is always available to assist us. I urge anyone and everyone to work with Brian to get the best trained dog or puppy that you can. Thank you so much for all of your help." 

- Cory, Tracy and Kona

Improving a Lab's Behavior

"I brought my 1 year old lab to Brian for his intensive 2 week remote collar training. I can't tell you what a difference it made in my dog's overall behavior. I wanted a dog that was "near perfect" in every way and I can honestly say that that when Brian returned our dog, Rocco to us, he was. Rocco is so much more well trained and enjoyable that I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wanted to enjoy their dog yet still allow the dog to maintain his sense of fun and personality. Not only does Brian do a terrific job of training the dog, he is extremely helpful and patient with explanations and "training" of the dog owner's as well. Where other dog trainers will come to your home for a set time, 30 minutes or so, Brian will stay as long as it takes. I also appreciate the fact that Brian is committed to the training of the dog for the dog's life. Once you go through the 2 weeks training, you have a lifetime guarantee with his training practices. Brian is a thoughtful, kind and compassionate person and his love for the well-being of his "student" shows through. We can't thank him enough for truly making a difference in our pet's and ultimately our life." 

- Michele

An Aggressive German Shepherd

"What really impressed us about Brian was his hands-on approach to dealing with Lex's aggression issues. We tried working with three other trainers; none would get near Lex and only instruct us from a distance. At the first session with Brian, we were very pleased he was not hesitant taking Lex out on his own. He taught us how to work better with Lex and follows up with our ongoing training questions for both dogs. A few weeks after our initial consultation, we found Chloe had trouble with escalators. When approaching them, she would freeze and pull back on the leash to the point of breaking her nylon collar. After talking with Brian, we took her back to the escalators and got her on one. The next time out, Chloe actually led us towards the escalator rather than the stairs to go down. She now thinks it's a very cool form of transportation!
Chloe and Lex continue to make steady progress thanks to Brian's guidance." 

- Barbara & Jon

Dog Training

"I have to say you are a pretty awesome guy with tons of knowledge. I love the enthusiasm and the outright love you have for the dogs. You were meant to do this kind of work and the love and undertanding of animals you possess doesn't come so easily to many people. You've been told probably a bazillion times your eyes are outstanding and they are but what I see is - you have a tremendous gift and you're inspiring and such a good soul. It's exactly what I saw when I first met you and it's nice to know I am right on with my assessment. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your time and knowledge and enthusiasm for the love of dogs." 

- Margo

A Shepherd-Husky Mix with a Better Behavior


"We've left our Shepherd-Husky Mix, Bailey, with Brian a few times and have been thrilled with our dog's state of mind on our return. We've definitely seen some permanent behavioral improvements in Bailey after Brian watched him for a couple of weeks. I'm not sure what Brian did, but Bailey has been much more relaxed and a lot less anxious and whiny. Brian uses many of Cesar Millan's techniques and he has a very calm, 'zen' way about him that rubs off on the dogs he cares for." 

- Vin & Shivani

Another Life for an Australian Shepherd


"How do I express in a paragraph what Brian has done for me and Halle. Halle is an Australian Shepherd that I rescued 4 years ago when she was 2 years old. About a year ago, a vetinarian recommended that I have her put to sleep. It had just been me and Halle up until that point and she was my world. To put it simply, I was devastated. I also refused to have her put down. And that's where Brian comes into the picture. During our first consultation, I knew Brian was the one that would save my dog. I realized in that session that although I thought I was a dog person and understood dog behavior, I had no idea why dogs behave in certain ways or how to prevent that behavior. Halle and I have continued to work with Brian over the last year, although he gave me the tools early on to work with her on my own. Now, Brian jokes about how easy Halle is and how her biggest problem is that she counter surfs for food. I would a thousand percent recommend Brian for rehabilitation. What Brian has given me is peace of mind as well as years to continue to enjoy Halle. How do you express that in words?" 

- Nikki

A Board & Train Lab


"I first had Brian come to my house to help me with training my dogs to stay on the property. After seeing how great he was with them and how well they responded to him, I knew that this was someone who instinctively knows dogs. I decided to use Brian for a board and train while I was on vacation. I left him with Sadie, my yellow lab. She was, to put it midly, a wild child. I came back a week later to a dog that actually walked on a leash in a park with lots of people and other dogs and didn't pay any attention to all of that! Brian actually dropped the leash and she stayed right by his side! A miracle!!! And she also came when she was called. Something she had never done even as a puppy when I had her in trianing classes at Petsmart. Brian then tackled my other lab, Koda. He was very anxious of strange people and especially dogs. Brian took him for a week and next time I saw them Brian had him working in the park with lots of people and dogs running around. Koda was just walking next to Brian and didn't seem anxious at all! Brian next taught me how to continue the training that he had started. Without Brian's help, I wouldn't have been able to control my dogs on leashes, and therefore probably would not have walked them very often, if ever. Thank you Brian for your time, your knowledge and for truly caring about dogs. Thank you for always being available for my many questions. You are the best!" 

- Lisa

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