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Brian Agnew, one of the foremost Dog Behaviorists in the US

Background & Philosophy on
Dog Behavioral Solutions

Although Brian's passion from childhood has always been animals he decided to pass on Veterinary School instead making a move into the film industry.


Brian graduated from Loyola Marymount with a degree in Communications. After college he began a career in the film industry as a Director of Photography working on music videos, commercials and feature films. 


Brian adopted a sweet mixed breed dog named Tenaya who inspired him to work with animals again. After working at a doggie daycare facility and teaching basic dog obedience, he became determined to find a better way to help owners resolve their dog's behavior issues. 


Brian began his career in dog training and dog behavior by completing an intensive 4-month Shadow Program on dog psychology. Brian has completed many advanced dog training workshops as well as several advanced canine nutrition seminars. 

Wanting to find the most natural way in working with dogs Brian started looking into to the dogs instinctual drives for survival and their relationship to all the behaviors seen in our dogs.

Pack Drive, Defense Drive and Prey Drive are the 3 instinctual drives our dogs have to survive. It is safe to say that a majority of problematic dogs are operating in the wrong drive. Suppressing the problem drive is not the answer.

Gaining control of those drives and using or switching them to not only train but build a better relationship where the dog operates more in Pack Drive is ideal.


To further his education on behavior Brian started looking into what dogs are being fed on a regular basis. This led him to Wendy Volhard who has been training for some 37 years but more importantly was her knowledge on nutrition and behavior. It wasn’t long before Wendy took Brian under her wing and now his knowledge on nutrition, homeopathy, chiropractic as well as alternative medicines has become a very important tool in his ability to turn around some hard cases. 

Brian's forte is in problem solving. He's an expert in creating a strategy that works for each case he takes on

Brian's Approach

Brian looks at addressing the dog holistically. Everyone wants a well-behaved dog. Brian wants a happy, healthy, balanced and well-behaved dog.


This is what sets Brian apart from others.


- Brian's forte is in problem-solving.

- He's an expert in creating a strategy that works for each case he takes on.

- Brian is extremely committed to his clients and the outcome of his cases.

- He often pushes his clients to stay the course until the rehabilitation process is complete with their dogs.

- He is highly respected by his dog training colleagues and his clients. 


Brian takes on cases other trainers wouldn't get near. He's confident and fearless. He is relentless at making sure the information he's sharing with his clients resonates with them.

In 2012 Brian began teaching workshops to dog trainers to help them gain more clarity with their dogs. 

In 2018, Brian started putting more focus on helping people understand their dog's drives. This led him to start his unique workshop on drive theory.


Brian is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of dogs to dog owners so they can resolve their dog's issues once and for all.

Brian's goal is to teach people how to communicate with their dogs by understanding how dogs think.  


Ready to Begin Training?

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