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Dog Training Services Near
Park City , Utah

Dog Boarding and Training Services

For the past 20 years, Brian has worked with dogs throughout the world;
now with a more local training presence throughout Park City, Utah.

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Why Choose The Balanced Dog near
Park City, Utah?

The serene atmosphere of Park City is perfectly suited for effective dog training and socialization. Enhanced by cutting-edge facilities, our location offers an ideal environment that encourages growth and learning for your dog.

3 Week Board & Train

Our three-week program, based near Park City, Utah, is tailored for dogs with behavioral issues such as aggression, fear, anxiety, and socialization difficulties. It emphasizes instilling positive behavior and command training, with the aim of achieving off-leash proficiency. This comprehensive package includes boarding, our unique training methodologies, essential gear, 90 days of support, and access to membership options at a discounted rate.


4 Week Board & Train

Our four-week in-home program is the ultimate solution for dogs facing serious behavioral challenges. It's a commitment to your dog's well-being, giving them the time and patience they need for a transformative rehabilitation. This program provides an immersive experience to deeply understand and resolve behavioral issues. Including not just boarding, but also access to our unique, effective training techniques and tools, it's an investment in your dog's future, ensuring they emerge happier and better adjusted.

One-on-One Private Sessions

In our training packages, leadership development is a pivotal aspect, involving engaging, hands-on sessions. We recommend at least four sessions to establish a robust foundation for you and your dog, a pathway to a deeper bond and understanding. Completing these sessions also unlocks an exclusive offer for you - a special discount on Brian's Membership Page, offering continued support and resources for your dog's journey.


Ready to Begin Training?

Grab this opportunity to lead your dog on a path to success. Schedule a no-cost evaluation with us and open the door to a happier, more fulfilling life for you and your dog.

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