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Premier Dog Training Services Near Millcreek, Utah

Dog Boarding and Training Services

For the past 20 years, Brian has worked with dogs throughout the world;
now with a more local training presence throughout Millcreek, Utah.

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Why Choose The Balanced Dog within Millcreek?

Millcreek's serene environment offers the perfect setting for comprehensive dog training and socialization. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enriching experience for your canine.

3 Week Board & Train

Our three-week program, in Millcreek, Utah, is tailored for dogs with various behavioral challenges including aggression, fear, anxiety, and socialization issues. This comprehensive program aims to instill positive behaviors and includes training for commands such as SIT, DOWN, PLACE, COME, HEEL, CRATE, and LEAVE IT, with a goal of achieving off-leash reliability. The package covers boarding, our unique training methods, necessary equipment, 90 days of support, and discounted access to a membership page.


4 Week Board & Train

The four-week in-home program is specially designed for dogs with more severe behavioral issues, recognizing that such cases often require additional time and patience for effective treatment. This extended period allows for a more thorough decompression process, crucial for addressing deeply rooted behavioral challenges. The cost of this program encompasses boarding fees, our distinct training approach developed by Brian, and training essentials.

One-on-One Private Sessions

In all our training packages, leadership skills are a priority, necessitating hands-on training. A minimum of four sessions is recommended to establish a solid foundation for you and your dog. Completion of these sessions also grants access to Brian's Membership Page at a reduced cost.


Ready to Begin Training?

Don't miss this opportunity to start your dog's journey to success. Schedule a free evaluation with us and unlock a happier, healthier life for your beloved dogs.

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