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Welcome to The Balanced Dog Members Area! This is your hub for exclusive member content, including an extensive library of knowledge that ranges from the basics to advanced techniques and concepts.

Drives Overview

Drives Overview is the home of my specialty, the three Drives. Understanding what motivates a dog and how to work with its instinctual nature is key to success with your dog.

Drives 101
The 3 Instinctual Drives
Switching Drives

Moments with Brian

Moments With Brian is a collection of extended narratives and is a companion series to the short-form videos I post on social media. Explore this series to go in-depth on a variety of topics inspired by a wide range of conversations, interactions, and experiences.


Live Analysis

Members can submit short videos of their dog’s problematic behavior for a chance to be featured on Live Video Analysis, one of two online offerings for Balanced Dog members.



The Foundation features a wide selection of instructional videos that make up the core of The Balanced Dog work. Start here and come back from time to time to check for new content and refresh your fundamental knowledge.


Case Studies

From time to time I work with dogs on an extended basis and am able to analyze their behavior in a way that allows me to present them as Case Studies. Visit this section to check in on each dog’s journey, and watch them grow.


Beyond Basics

Beyond Basics takes a nuanced look at training fundamentals. Often while working on the essentials, a dog will present behavior that requires fine-tuning and a more dialed-in approach.

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Troubleshooting Tuesday

Troubleshooting Tuesday is a library built from recordings of one of our exclusive online offerings. Geared toward problem solving, these sessions offer members the chance to go live and have a detailed dialogue in order to work out the kinks of their dog’s behavior.


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