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Dog Boarding and Training

For the past 15+ years, Brian has worked with dogs throughout the world; with a more local training presence throughout Utah (more specifically Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas).

Brian Agnew
Board & Train
Board & Train
Brian Agnew

Brian’s in house dog training teaches leadership skills which are the key to any good foundation between you and your dog. That's where Brian starts regardless of the package chosen.  Understanding your dog for who he is, will not only give you insight to better understand, but also to better communicate with your dog in a more intuitive and instinctual way.

All dogs will begin the day with a pack walk with other boarding dogs and also end their day with a pack walk. There is no better way for dogs to socialize than to walk with other dogs.

Our in-home board & train program is designed to build a good foundation in home, starting with structure. The day starts off with a long pack walk. The remainder of the day is spent working on the basics, RECALL, SIT, PLACE, door manners and leash walking. Your dog gets socialization with other dogs, pack walks and time just being a dog. Cost of our programs include boarding fees, equipment and our Lifetime Support.

The amount of time Brian recommends for your dog will be determined and discussed during an evaluation. But typically dogs are put into a 2, 3, or 4-week program.

2-3 Week Board & Train:

Our 2 and 3-week programs are for dogs with behavior issues ranging from aggression, fear, anxiety, insecurity or lack of socialization skills. The 3-week program gives us more time to work on the behavior issues. Beyond the daily routine described above, we'll also work on holding a SIT, DOWN and PLACE, COME, HEEL, CRATE, QUIET and LEAVE IT as well as getting to an OFF LEASH reliability in safe environments. Cost of this package includes boarding fees, equipment and our Lifetime Support.


4-Week Board & Train:

Our in-home 4-week program is ideal for dogs who have deeply engrained behavioral issues. Brian has found that dogs like this need more time for decompressing to help them work through their issue. Dogs don't have a timeline and sometimes what they really need is more time and patience. Cost of this package includes boarding fees, equipment and our Lifetime Support.


One-on-One Private Sessions:

Like all of the packages above, leadership comes first. This involves hands-on work. We feel a minimum of 4 sessions is a solid foundation to get you and your dog where you need to be. If needed there is a free follow up session.