"A good trainer finds the dog's spirit"

- Brian Agnew

A Holistic Approach to Dog Training

Building a Relationship With Your Dog

Every dog has a character and personality of its own. Every dog's home environment has a different set of stimuli and routines. Consequently, the relationship between you and your dog is unique. One thing your dog has in common with all other dogs is his intuitive and instinctual way of communicating through energy and body language. 

To begin to properly diagnose your dog's specific behavioral issues, Brian conducts a thorough evaluation of you and your dog. Observing the interaction and dynamics of your relationship allows Brian to accurately diagnose your dog's issues as well as evaluate your relationship with your dog. 

Brian will enable you to begin the process of rehabilitation so that you and your dog can enjoy a more balanced and harmonious relationship.

Once the dog's behavioral issues are identified, Brian will provide you with precise behavioral solutions and effective dog training techniques to use with your dog. Under Brian's guidance, you will feel empowered and confident that you are addressing your dog's issues properly. Since dogs survive through intuition, you will learn how to tap into your own intuitive side to begin to bridge the gap between you and your dog. You will begin to communicate with your dog naturally and effectively. 


Brian will enable you to begin the process of rehabilitation so that you and your dog can enjoy a more balanced and harmonious relationship. Your dog will begin to develop a new respect for you and the leadership position you now hold.


Many of the common dog issues you see listed on other dog trainers' sites are due to the dog operating in the wrong drive for his individual temperament or task he is being asked to do.  These Drives are - Defense, flight or fight, Pack or Prey Drive. The ideal drive we want our dogs in is Pack Drive. Once clients have a clear understanding of their dogs Drives,  Brian will teach how to gain control through motivation and direction without breaking the dogs spirit. This is how  relationships are built with your dog.


Common behaviors seen when the dog is operating in the wrong drive:

  • Dog Aggression 

  • Human Aggression 

  • Food Aggression 

  • Territorial Problems 

  • Fear of humans

  • Fear of dogs

  • Fear of Grooming

  • Fear of car Rides

  • Fear of Specific Places

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Other Anxieties

  • Barking, crying

  • Jumping on people

  • House Training

  • Pulling on Leash

  • Racing through doors

  • Digging holes in the garden 

  • Excessive Licking

  • Hyperactivity

  • Mounting

  • Dogs chasing moving objects, runners, and animals

  • Obsessions

  • Dog Eating Issues

  • Begging

  • Counter Surfing

  • Stealing food

  • Pica (Obsessive Eating behavior)

  • Coprophagia (Eating Feces)


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