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Hi. I'm Brian Agnew.

Dog Trainer & Mentor to Dog Trainers 

I make dog training simple for you and for your dog.
I meet your frustration with solutions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

What I Help Dog Training Clients Achieve:

Your Dog Will Actually.jpg
Your Dog Will Actually 
Listen to You
You Will Have a Much Calmer Relationship.jpg
You Will Have a Much Calmer Relationship
Your Walks Will Be.webp
Your Walks Will Be More Enjoyable

Clients come to me experiencing these
training issues with their dog(s):

"I can’t stop my dog from pulling on the leash and our walks are a nightmare."
"I feel like I can’t live a peaceful life with my dog."
"It’s embarrassing to have guests over because the dog won’t leave the people alone."
"My dog has so much energy it’s exhausting me/us."
"My dog is so anxious and I don’t know how to help."
"I can’t leave my dog home alone. I worry he may destroy something or hurt himself."


A dog that will listen to you, regardless of distractions.
A calm and compliant dog, on walks and in your home.
A dog trainer who is non-judgemental and enjoys communication.

Why You Can Trust Me


Every owner wants a well-behaved dog. I want every client to have a happy, healthy, balanced, and well-behaved dog. With my holistic approach, I will help you build and enjoy a stronger relationship with your dog.

Since 2005, I have assisted countless dog owners, rescue groups and shelters with dog behavioral issues. I mentor dog trainers and have hosted many dog training workshops in the US and Europe. I also offer the highest quality leashes and long lines through my company, The Dynamic Lead. I have taught over 520 dog trainers how to have more clarity with the dogs they work with.

I personally, work with each dog from my home in Salt Lake City, Utah. My specialty is problem-solving. I create a custom strategy for each dog and their owner and apply the appropriate training methods accordingly. I am exceptionally committed to my clients and to successful outcomes for each dog.


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Brian took our extremely timid and noisy heeler puppy, Jax, for a 3 week board and train. 

When he returned Jax was so much calmer and better behaved. 

Brian was really good about explaining some of Jax's behaviors and what we needed to do to help Jax continue his training.

We are working on reinforcing the wonderful foundation Brian gave him and trying to not let him fall back into his old habits. 

It is a huge help to be able to reach back out to Brian for advice as well. 

I would definitely recommend him for anyone that has a dog or puppy with behavioral issues.

How you can work with Brian:



Our family has had seven very large dogs over the course of 20+ years.  Our most recent pup Baloo (a 140 lb Great Dane) had us stumped. While long on personality and very sweet, he was regressing on all of the training we had spent the previous year implementing.

We could no longer leave him alone at home, he was absolutely terrible on a leash, was causing a huge amount of stress in our home. We were relying on doggy daycare, off-leash dog parks and long hikes to calm him down and burn some energy. He was becoming a source of arguments in our family and when he yanked me off the porch, leash in hand, while running after a neighbor dog, I realized something needed to change.

My friend had recommended Brian at The Balanced Dog, I quickly reached out and set up an appointment to meet. Brian speaks dog. He understands what makes them tick, the drives in which they function, their motivations and urges. And, how to reset those urges.


After turning over our dog to Brian for three weeks there was immense improvement. He would stay in a crate, calmly and without destruction. He would listen when commanded. He was calmer, more confident. During his three week stay, Brian invited us to visit, meet in a park and would provide updates on what was happening. This three week break gave our family time to reflect on what we had done wrong and reset without our canine causing constant anxiety.


When it was time for our dog to come home, Brian gave our family training and resources to revisit as the dog resettled into our home and support for the life of our pup.


I cannot tell you the difference Brian has made with not only our dog, but our family. Our 13 year old daughter can now walk him, on leash with no trouble. I am able to take him, confidently out into the world, knowing that he will come when called and behave. We can leave him at home, settled in his crate and peaceful, while we get on with our lives. I highly recommend Brian and his team at The Balanced Dog.


Ready to Begin Training?

Today is the beginning of the rest of your life with your dog. Let me help you finally create the kind of relationship with your dog that you have been dreaming of.

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