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Dog Training Services Near
Ogden , Utah

Dog Boarding and Training Services

Brian, with 20 years of global experience in dog training, is now focused on offering his expertise more locally in Ogden, Utah

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Why Choose The Balanced Dog near
Ogden, Utah?

Ogden's peaceful environment is ideal for comprehensive dog training and socialization. Our facility, equipped with the latest amenities, creates a conducive setting for your dog's development and learning.

3 Week Board & Train

Our three-week program, close to Ogden, Utah, is thoughtfully created for dogs dealing with behaviors like aggression and anxiety. It's a journey towards positive habits and mastering commands, aiming for your dog to thrive off-leash. This all-inclusive program offers not just training and boarding, but a personal touch with tailored methods, vital equipment, 90 days of our supportive guidance, and special access to membership benefits at a friendly price.


4 Week Board & Train

Our in-home program for four weeks is personally designed for dogs with significant behavioral issues. We're committed to your dog's well-being, dedicating time and patience for their meaningful transformation. This program is an immersive journey to understand and rectify behavioral challenges intimately. It's more than just boarding; it's giving your dog access to our exclusive, impactful training methods and tools, making it a heartfelt investment in your dog's happier, well-adjusted future.

One-on-One Private Sessions

In each of our training packages, fostering leadership skills is crucial, with hands-on, interactive sessions. We advise a minimum of four sessions to build a strong foundation, deepening the connection and understanding between you and your dog. Finishing these sessions brings a personal benefit – a special discount on Brian's Membership Page, where ongoing support and resources await to support your dog's journey.


Ready to Begin Training?

Grab this opportunity to lead your dog on a path to success. Schedule a no-cost evaluation with us and open the door to a happier, more fulfilling life for you and your dog.

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