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Premier Dog Training Services Near
Cottonwood Heights , Utah

Dog Boarding and Training Services

For the past 20 years, Brian has worked with dogs throughout the world;
now with a more local training presence throughout Cottonwood Heights, Utah.

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Why Choose The Balanced Dog near
Cottonwood Heights, Utah?

The peaceful setting of Cottonwood Heights offers a prime location for comprehensive dog training and socialization. Our facility, boasting modern amenities, provides a nurturing and engaging environment for your pet.

3 Week Board & Train

Our three-week program, located near Cottonwood Heights, Utah, is designed for dogs facing behavioral issues like aggression, fear, anxiety, and problems with socialization. This all-encompassing program focuses on instilling positive behavior and mastering commands such as SIT, DOWN, PLACE, COME, HEEL, CRATE, and LEAVE IT, aiming for off-leash reliability. The package includes boarding, specialized training methods, essential equipment, 90 days of support, and reduced fees for membership access.


4 Week Board & Train

The in-home program lasting four weeks is crafted for dogs experiencing significant behavioral problems, requiring extra time and patience for successful rehabilitation. It allows a comprehensive period for the dogs to unwind and work through their deep-seated issues. This program's fee includes not only the boarding but also our specialized training techniques and the essential training tools.

One-on-One Private Sessions

Leadership development is a key element in all our training packages, requiring active, hands-on sessions. We suggest a minimum of four sessions to lay a strong foundation for both you and your pet. Completing these sessions also entitles you to a discount on Brian's Membership Page.


Ready to Begin Training?

Seize this chance to guide your dog towards success. Book a complimentary evaluation with us for a brighter and healthier future for your canine companion.

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