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California Drives Workshop, Audit Spot - March 1 - 3rd 2024


California Drives Workshop, Audit Spot - March 1 - 3rd 2024

  • This is for an audit spot.


    In this course, Brian will explain the 3 Core Drives. You will be given opportunities to observe and assess various behaviors displayed by the registered dogs participating in the course. You will learn to identify and distinguish the 3 Core Drives, along with measures and resources to problem solve.

    At the end of the course, you will be equipped to:


    • Understand the 3 Instinctual Drives needed for survival

    • Identify the strength of a dog's Drives

    • Move from the undesired to the desired Drive

    • Use Drive work for behavior modification

    • Incorporate Drives into your training, building better relationships with lasting results


    Additional workshop details:

    • Location: Llano, CA

    • Working and audit spots are available

    • Workshop times each day: 9a-4:30p

    • Lunch: Provided; planned 1.5 hr for lunch each day

    • There will be a binder available as a PDF you can download after reserving your spot. We encourage you to read before coming. So if you have any questions when you arrive, we can discuss.

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