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Drives Workshops

Understanding your Dog's Drives Workshop - Canada, May 12-13, 2018

Over the years Brian has helped thousands of owners and their dogs and has built an international reputation as one of the foremost dog behaviorists in North America and Europe. His approach centres on an understanding of the instinctive drives that determine dogs’ behavior, and for the first time he is featuring his methods and techniques in a Workshop focusing on Drives and how you can use them to resolve behavior issues.


Understanding Your Dog’s Drives Workshop is a unique opportunity to work alongside Brian in a small group. Numbers are being kept low in order to give dogs and their owners the opportunity to work individually with Brian on training issues and questions. Students without dogs will have the benefit of being able to observe a range of dog behaviour issues and learn from them.

You will learn about dogs’ instinctive drives, and be able to identify the drives that are determining their behavior, and the techniques needed to resolve and re-direct those drives. Students will work directly with Brian and also in a group context so as to share concerns and experiences and provide feedback across the group. 


Whatever your background this workshop will equip you with skills to understand and identify behavior problems, not just with your own dog but with any dog you may come into contact with, whether as a dog trainer, owner, rescue worker, volunteer or fosterer.


The Workshop is being held in Joyceville, Ontario, Canada, from May 12-13, 2018. Places are limited to 10 Working spots (with dogs) and 5 Audit places (without dogs). The cost of Working spots is $700 and for Audit places $625. For “early bird” registrations received before February 1, 2018, the prices are reduced to $650 and $575 respectively. A deposit of $400 for both Working and Audit places is payable following receipt of your registration form.


Places on this new Workshop will go quickly so get your registration in early to avoid disappointment. Use the links below to register for either a Working or Audit place. On receipt of your registration form you will be given details of how to make the deposit payment of $400, together with details of the location and accommodation options nearby.

Working Place Registration Form


Audit Place Registration Form
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