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Understanding Your Dog's Drives

Understanding the instinctual drives behind a dog’s behavior is one of the keys to resolving unwanted issues. Identifying the 3 core drives allows us to observe a dog’s behavior from their own perspective.

Lucas Agnew Workshops

Lucas Agnew Workshops provide an opportunity to resolve those seemingly unresolvable dog behaviour issues alongside other committed dog owners and trainers in an environment you can't help but succeed in. Workshops are held in California and the UK. 

Introduction to Remote Collar Workshops

Learn how to use a remote collar as a positive reinforcement to your training regime at this 2-day workshop, including the different types of collars; identifying the correct levels; and how not to use a remove collar.

Advanced Remote Collar Workshops

Develop your skills with the remote collar. This 2-day Workshop provides a unique opportunity to hone your skills with remote collars, and take your work with dogs to the next level.

Group Mentoring

Check out Brian's Group Mentoring opportunities, tailor-made mentoring and learning  for groups of up to 6 people.

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