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'Phone and Video Consultations

Personal 'Phone and Video Consultations 

In addition to his in-person 1:1 consultations, Brian offers 'phone and video consultations.


If you have questions, or need advice on a dog behavior issue but you live too far away to meet with Brian in-person, you can now arrange a 'phone consultation or video consultation. Use the links below to find out more about these personal consultation opportunities.

'Phone Consultations

A 'Phone consultation provides an opportunity for you to talk to Brian about the problems and issues you are expriencing with your dog and get his advice on how to resolve them. The consultation includes up to 3 'phone calls and an email summary of the advice.

Video Consultations

With Video consultations Brian ask you to provide a video of the problems you are experiencing with your dog which you need his help to resolve. This service includes advice on recording the video and the information you need to provide. The consultation includes Brian reviewing up to 3 videos and an email summary of his advice.

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