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Mentor Program Testimonials

Below are some of the testimonials from Brian's Mentor students. Email Brian at for more information about his Mentor Program.



Going on Brian’s mentor program was the best thing I ever did for my progression to become a better Trainer. Over the 7 days I spent with Brian we worked many different dogs with all ranging issues; aggression, fear, over-excitement and anxiety just to name a few. Now I had been training for a few years prior to going out to California but left with a whole new mindset and confidence to training and coaching clients. My knowledge was clear and I understood with confidence how to take this new approach to the dogs back in the UK. I have to say I was shocked by how much I learnt and how many gaps in my knowledge were filled. Brian’s clear and detailed explanation of training was brilliant. Worth every moment!!


Santa Cruz

What a fulfilling 3-days it was!!! Brian is a Master who is able to come down to my level and teach me so many different ways to understand and bond with my 3. He observed and analyzed them individually and dynamically, pointed out and explained subtle changes to be aware of their anxiety or behavior problems, and he showed me a variety of simple yet effective exercises (with or without tools) to build up their confidence, gain trust, etc… which naturally led me to work with my own energy and attitude around them, which is a huge part of being effective as a handler. His manner of approaching both dogs and students is calm, graceful, fair, patient, sensitive, creative, open minded and with a keen sense of humor. I learned so much just watching how he interacted with dogs, or even just being who he is as a person. His teaching will stay with me for years to come and help me make the “shifts of perception”. That’s quite a thrilling aftereffect! I truly value everything offered by Brian's Mentor program!!!



Bella had been in the shelter system most of her life. The isolation created a fearful, anxious, over reactive dog with dificulty bonding. She responded to Brian in a way I had never seen from her before. Brian was very gentle and patient with her from the start. He took the time to build trust and find the best way to communicate with her. When she didn't respond in a way that was expected, he kept trying different things until he found the right technique for her. He was equally helpful in teaching me. I spent 8 days mentoring with Brian. In that time Bella had developed a great foundation of skills and I learned the best way to maintain and build on that important foundation. Over the last year Brian has made himself available when I run into difficulty. Bella continues to improve and we are looking forward to spending more time working with Brian to help us along the way. 



Intuition and balance, one we all have, the other we all strive for. With Brian, these are tools that he progressively works towards improving, in all aspects of his life. For 5 days, with several dogs, I was blessed to witness Brian apply these tools. The dogs progressed quickly and easily. After reading all the books, watching the videos and practicing it, I was still frustrated that I couldn’t overcome some of my dogs’ “behaviors”. After spending time with Brian, I now see “behaviors” as drives that can be managed with the tools he generously shared with me. Brian took great care covering all of the topics I wanted and much more. Now, he celebrates all of my victories as I apply what he taught me. I have to add that Brian lives in a beautiful place, scenic and the local people are genuinely friendly and hospitable. I had a great time exploring the area.


The Netherlands

The mentor program @ The Balanced dog ca has to be on your bucket list ! The insight Brian gives about rehabilitating dogs and obtaining a better and respectful relationship between handlers and dogs is unique. He guides dogs with their natural drives and helps them make good choices. The experience you get during the mentor program is complementing your own tool box. Don’t miss your chance to increase your skills and book a mentor program!



I learned more in 4 days as a mentor student with Brian than in all the other dog behaviour training I've done so far. Over the years I've picked up lots of techniques to handle a range of problems with dogs' behaviour, but I knew there was something missing: I never really understood dogs. Working with Brian and watching him interact with dogs has brought me a much clearer understanding of the basic instincts that dogs operate with. His explanations and demonstrations of Pack, Prey and Defence Drives have given me an insight into dog behaviour that is going to be invaluable to me and the work I do with foster dogs. I would urge anyone thinking about entering Brian's mentor programme to stop thinking and go for it... you won't regret it! Thank you Brian for a life-changing experience for me and my dogs!



I first met Brian when I attended the first UK LucasAgnew workshop. I got so much out of it and it was great that I could take along some of my most difficult dogs to get Brian’s thoughts on their behaviour and have him handle them and to help me handle them better. It was literally a game changer. After the workshop my dream was to go and shadow him in L.A so that I could spend more 1:1 time learning from him. The dream came true and it was such a great experience, we spent time at Brian’s working his board and train dog and then drove up to Cheri’s where we worked the rescue dogs. I got to see Brian and Cheri working all sorts of dogs and gained so much valuable experience. I was fully immersed into their way of life and it was fantastic. I am now able to put what they taught me into practise with not only my own rescue dogs but with my client dogs I train at home. Not only was it an amazing few days full of working dogs but I was looked after so well, with great food and lots of laughs along the way. A once in a lifetime experience. Since my time at Brian's I have attended another workshop he did in the UK and yet again learned more. Each time I learn so much and its such a privilege to watch someone like him teaching and training. One of the great things that Brian teaches is to always read the dog in front of you, don't be set in your ways and be prepared to think outside the box. I would highly recommend anybody interested in dogs/training attend one of the LucasAgnew workshops and/or a shadow programme with Brian.

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