Because a majority of behavioral problems tend to be a side effect of imperfect relationships, that's where Brian starts. He will provide you with the knowledge for relationship building. 

Consultations will either take place in the home, or where the source of the problem lies. That then will determine where the appointment will take place. The first consultation can be as long as 2 hours depending on the issue. Since we can't ask a dog to please hurry up and get over a problem, patience may be required. 

Positive results will be seen in the initial consultation.

Once you gain an understanding of Drives,  behavior issues can be turned around.

Brian will teach you how to better understand the use of body language and how reward, touch and eye contact become vital ways of communication with your dog. Once Brian explains your dog's 3 instinctual drives, (most dogs are operating in the wrong drive) putting the dog into the correct drive is a big part of the solution. This is the most natural way to build a better relationship. Once you gain an understanding of Drives, behavior issues can be turned around.

Most dogs require a "tune up" after a while. Every dog learns at their own pace as do we humans. Call Brian if you need follow-up guidance.


Consultations, which can last up to 2 hours, are by appointment only and are based on a flat rate.

Use the Contact Form or email Brian direct to arrange a consultation

Phone Consultations

If you’re unable to travel to Brian’s ranch with your dog for a consultation, you may schedule a phone consultation. Phone Consultation.


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